Re: virus: RE: Why have children?

Wed, 30 Oct 1996 22:48:58 -0600

Jason wrote:
> Wade wrote:
> > The problem facing us is one of what memes are driving us to
> > continue, and how do they differ from (or augment) the genetic
> > drivers?
> In this case, I'd say that the prime motivator is the gene, not
> the meme. The meme may contribute to the drive, but it can also
> work against the gene, which is what may be the cause to shinking
> growth rates in wealthy populations.
> Jason

Beautiful. We have children because organisms that had children and
cared for them became populous (as would be expected). We are the
descendents of those organisms.

Fortunately, we are also the descendents of 'intelligent' beings.
Evolution takes away the 'meaning' behind all of our attributes:
we have these attributes simply because we inherited them from
organisms that accidently had them once upon a time, and were
'successful' enough in passing them on. Even our ability to
reason was such an accident.

If we decide that we value 'having reasonable arguments' more than
'having children', then we might not have children, (because, say,
we don't want the world to be overpopulated, or because we don't
want the responsibility), but if we take that approach, then the
only people having children will be the unreasonable ones (like
the religious folk: "go forth and multiply").... so we'd better
have children, so that we may pass on our finer attributes - go
forth and multiply ourselves. Of course we can see where this
goes: mindless overpopulation... So perhaps we should not have
children, but focus on subverting the children of religious people
into not being so mindless.... (etc.... I don't have the answers).