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David Leeper (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 04:05:49 -0500

Kenneth Boyd wrote:

> This is the reason why the Strong AI hypothesis is actually serious.
> Systems can exhibit mind-like behavior without having a recognizable
> basis for it. Defined operationally, it is quite possible that random
> selection, plus mutation on a genome that was a short distance away from
> an allele (system) with the solution, could fully duplicate the
> practical effect of the reasoning chain. It just takes longer without
> properly adapted hardware.

English Translation:
Engineers are now using concepts of Evolution to write computer programs
and build machines. These methods seems promising.

Related Buzzwords:
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Life
Genetic Programming
Genetic Algorithms
Neural Networks
Cellular Automata
Emergent Behavior
and perhaps even Cohesive Math ;->

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