RE: virus: level 3 minds

Vicki Rosenzweig (
Thu, 31 Oct 96 13:27:00 PST

Richard is right. The money is not really an issue. The time
to read the book isn't even the main issue, for me at least.
The question is, why should I make the leap of faith for him
rather than for any of the other many people out there. Lots
of us think it's reasonable to ask Scientologists "OK, show us
some clears so we can see that they have the abilities you
claim." In the same way, I think it's reasonable to want to be
given examples of Level 3 people and what they can do,
before embarking on a program that is supposed to change
the structure of my mind.

<large snip>
To get out of the box requires a leap of faith. The world is also
full of cranks and charlatans asking the same thing of you. That's one
reason it's so difficult to make the transition. Anyone who gets burned
once is reluctant to try again.

I'm not sure what "money" you are referring to. I haven't asked you for
any money.

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