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>From: Don Beck <>
>Subject: Memetics
>Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 18:33:07 -0600
>Thanks for your quick reply.
>I have been reading, over the last few days, the growing literature on
>memetics on the internet and find the
>conversations to be fascinating. What has been lacking, though, is an
>understanding of the dynamics
>at work in meme selection, clustering, rejection, and change. If a meme is a
>unit of cultural information, what is the engine/glue/bonding elements that
>create the surface level actions? We have been dealing with this
>issue for several decades, but in a different framework and symbolic system.
>The seminal research was done by the late Professor Clare W. Graves, Union
>College (New York) from a traditional psychology perspective.
>In short, we have created an extensive model based on the existence of
>MASTER MEMES (we call then values-
>Memes or Vmemes). This are the organizing principles that create fractal
>like clustering of surface level
>icons, ideas, objects, art forms, music etc. etc. And, since they are
>invisible deep level magnets,
>we can only theorize about their existence. Graves spent 30 years in
>research, and we have followed
>with 20 more years of work. Our new book - Spiral Dynamics: Mastering
>Values, Leadership, & Change
>(Blackwell, l996 -- 800 216-2522).
>We have identified 8 vMemes that have awakened to date in our species
>history; explain the vMeme
>life-cycle; described vMemetic change; look at the way the core "DNA"
>message in the vMEME elaborates
>itself in life forms, organizational structures, motivational elements,
>religious beliefs, etc.
>Also, we have done a global scan to show the patterns of vMEMETICS all over
>the planet. This enables us to
>predict vMeme warfare, vMeme Malignancies, vMeme Shifts, vMeme Stacks, and a
>number of other
>We have not been satisfied with the explanations others have given -
>including Richard Dawkins -- of how
>the on-off mechanism actually works in attracting and repelling little memes
>-- and find the vMeme concept
>to be of considerable use. Finally, the "spiral" idea is a metaphor for the
>evolutionary dynamic as the
>mind, in contrast to genes, moves through levels of complexity as cultural
>stacks interact with
>shifting Value Systems. All of this is driven by emerging Life Conditions
>(Time, Place, Problems,
>and Circumstance) that cause humans to upshift to the new complexity. We
>call this the VQ (ValuesQuotient)
>Intelligence -- to separate it from both IQ and EQ.
>We have constructed a series of assessment systems, multimedia
>presentations, and many different colorful
>documents all based on the genes - memes - vMemes sequence. If you send me a
>mailing address, I'll be pleased to forward you a "care package."
>Best Wishes.

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