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Wade T. Smith (
Sat, 2 Nov 1996 17:19:59 -0500

>David Leeper:
>Well, some people look at the world and don't try to understand it.
>Let's call these people "Level 1". Other people analyze the world
>from both an intellectual and emotional point of view. They see the
>world in terms of True and False or Right and Wrong. Let's call
>these people "Level 2". A third group takes these opposing points
>of view created by analysis and finds a synthesis between them.
>Let's call these people "Level 3".
>The real answer is thinking of
>yourself as a God is different then thinking of yourself as
>a mere human. You act differently and (hopefully) this
>brings new possiblities. But you don't want to get lost in
>that, you need the mere mortal to keep you grounded.
>There are other answers to your question too, answers that
>have to deal with what Zero will be doing in the future.
>But I don't want to talk about that now.
>Just remember, you're a God if you want to be.

So- anything less than Level 3 (whatever the hell that is...) is 'mere'.

I reject 'mere'.

I reject 'God'.

I accept 'human'.

The rest is silence.

It is time to re-enervate 'human'. Gods have been getting all the PR lately....

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