virus: RE : TT : Accuracy & Precision

Hakeeb A. Nandalal (
Sat, 02 Nov 1996 22:26:57 +0000

Tadeusz Niwinski wrote :-

> BTW, I do not know a difference between accuracy and precision.

Accuracy : The degree of agreement of the measurements with the true value of the magnitude of the quantity

Precision : The quality of being exactly or sharply defined or stated. A measure of the precision of a
representation is the number of distinguishable alternatives from which it was selected, which is sometimes
indicated by the number of significant digits it contains. Used for exactness.

So I could say :-

(a) Pi is 3.14

(b) Pi is 3.123456789


(a) is more accurate but less precise than (b)


(b) is more precise but less accurate than (a).

I would have to say that the discussions pertaining to truth and reality on the Virus Board tend to hone in
on very precise definitions of these terms but we have no way of ascertaining the accuracy of these

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