RE: virus: Re: Level 3 Minds

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 00:21:48 -0800

Richard Brodie wrote:
>KMO wrote:
>Vicki wrote:
>>>> This does help a lot. But I'm not sure it matches what
>>>> Richard has been telling us. It sounds as though Richard is
>>>> promoting level 3 thinking as something that will enable us to
>>>> do things we can't do without it, or at least can't do as well
>>>> without it (if I'm misreading you completely, Richard, please tell
>>>> me so), whereas your description makes it sound like a label
>>>> for one of the ways people think, in the same way that I might say
>>>> that someone is a particularly visual thinker.
>>Richard, what do you say in response to Vicki's very reasonable concern
>>that what I've helped to explicate and defend might not be what you had
>>originally propoesed?
>Zen master Roshu was visited by a university professor who had studied
>Zen writings. The professor asked if it was true that the essence of Zen
>was the statement "This mind is Buddha"? Roshu replied, "If I answer
>yes, you will think you understand without understanding. If I answer
>no, I will be denying something that many know to be true."

I know a story of a wise man who said: "life is like a bridge".
Someone asked him "Why?" He responded "I don't know".

How did the master know the professor did not understand?
I know. He would not ask stupid questions like that, right?
Was this a Level-3 master or just an ordinary chimp-like monk?
The "to be true" sounds very level-1.

Vicki asks a question, Kevin (the tall and handsome version of the master)
humbly begs the master to respond to her "reasonable concern" and the
master tells a story... I love this game!

I was worried. I promised Richard his book would be printed in Polish
before his birthday (which is Mon. the 11th). Marek (whom you may
remember from this list) signed an agreement to translate the "Virus"
by the end of September. Marek must be level-3 already, as he does not
respond to my mail and makes new excuses to my partner in Poland.
I felt terrible. I hate when people map the reality in possibly conflicting
I mean, I used to. That was before my lateral jump to level-3!

Now everything seems so simple:
There were two monks going through the forest...

Tad Niwinski from TeTa where people grow
There is no Absolute Truth, although we are getting closer and closer to IT.