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David Leeper (
Thu, 03 Oct 1996 12:40:21 -0500

Ken Pantheists,

: > Your description is equivelent to what Zero calls the Child. The
: > Child uses intellect and emotion as tools. The Child is the
: > Godhood of the individual.
: > Are you a God? (You sound like one.)
: I don't know how to respond to the question.
: I don't know if I am being baited for a slam in the chops.

No baiting. I'm not that clever. It was an honest question.

: I was very nervous when posting my opinion on level three because there
: is so much contraversy regarding it.

: (See some of the work done in developmental movement therapy for an
: interesting view on the "lizard brain", the "cat brain" and the "monkey
: brain" and how they affect the development of kinesthetic awareness. The
: three brains are in quotation marks because they are parts of *your*
: brain that are used as you develop, kinetically, into an upright
: standing person. The basic philosophy is: skip a step, or move too
: quickly through one- you have to go back and re-learn it.)

I like this definition. Does anybody else agree with it? It's backed
up by biology. The "Lizard Brain" is the Medulla Oblongata, which
controls respiration, ciculation and other bodily functions. The "Cat
Brain" is the architecture shared by mammals (can't remember its name)
and the "Monkey Brain" is the Frontal Lobes.

: In terms of conducting your life, level three is useful for getting rid
: of all the crap that's impeding you from accomplishing (what we call in
: acting) your OBJECTIVE.

Now I'm confused again. I don't understand how "Monkey Brain" helps one
reach one's objective.

These remarks are not directed at Stephen, per se.

Is Level 3 a state of mind? a function? a piece of biological hardware?
A practice like Yoga? It seems to morph between one of these, all of
these and none of these.

: In answer to your question-- Am I a god?

: I like to think of this memetically.

: There is a two way street- man creates god and in turn, that god creates
: man. Or vise versa.

: God may or may not exist, but it certainly *is* a meme.

: I, like all human beings, like a god, am a creator.

: All creativity comes from god. (Bracing myself for the slam in the
: chops-- because I am *not* religious)

: If you stand far enough away from it, it doesn't affect your creativity,
: because you know you have a hand in the creation of yourself.

: I am a god when I put on the mask of a god.

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