Re: virus: Meme Generators

David McFadzean (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 15:30:27 -0700

At 02:49 AM 03/11/96 +0530, Peter =D6kner wrote:
>>David Leeper wrote:
>>Could vauge statements be seen as meme generators, and
>>therefore have a utility not found in precise statements?
>Definetly! Their offspring mutate more easely. That is, for the message to
>have any meaning for the interpreters these will have to re-construct the
>messages, each in her/his personal way. Works great with most art. And if
>that wasn't clear enough you can regard it as a self-reflective experiment.

I think part of the success of Christianity can be attributed to the
vagueness of the Bible. The arguments over interpretation of the scripture
directly causes schisms in the church. The resulting denominations thrive
on conflict with each other. Hopefully this will eventually happen with
Virus :-).

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