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Sun, 3 Nov 1996 18:55:53 -0500

> BTW, I humbly request that you to explain the meaning of "coporophagic"
(my MS Word 6.0 spell check choked
> on it and I couldn't find it anywhere on the entire web). At first I saw
"co-pornographic" and thought
> "Great! Someone else who appreciates 'Debbie Does Dallas'!". There's one
art form that could be considered
> natural and inventive.

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> * with a spaceship?" *
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Coporophagic, if I spelled it right, refers to consumption of feces. I
originally came across it while researching the religious significance of
the scarab beetle.

As for negative reactions when confronted by people more attractive or
intelligent than me, no I don't get angry -- I try to date them. <wink>
Unless they're throwing off the bell curve or stealing my girlfriend....

Smiling so hard it hurts,