virus: Re: Level 3

Ken Pantheists (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 11:44:09 +0000

David Leeper:

> Now I'm confused again. I don't understand how "Monkey Brain" helps one
reach one's objective.

> Actually, I wasn't saying that the monkry brain helps accomplish an objective.

I was using the example of developmental movement therapy to illustrate
other models of "development" through stages. Each one building on the
one before.

Level three is similar only in that it stands on the foundations laid
out by levels one and two.

I must confess that *I* am also confused by your questions. Do you, by
any chance, own one of those electrnic label-makers? :)

> Is Level 3 a state of mind? a function? a piece of biological hardware?
> A practice like Yoga? It seems to morph between one of these, all of
> these and none of these.

Is Breathing any or all of these?

PS I visited your mask page-- excellent work.

Were you warning me about the copyright date because you own the concept
of the Mask and the Creator?

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