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>observation. Here is the level-2 mind: actions are based on a system of
>philosophy which holds its ground either in the ideal world (or the divine)
>or in empirical evidence. Thus both religious and scientific thinkers are at

This comment reminded me of a chart I saw in "Four Ways to be Absolutely
Right" by John Truett Anderson in _The Truth About The Truth_.

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| secular humanism |
| skepticism |
| |
| +------------+ |
| |nationalism | |
| | regionalism| |
V V | | > constructivist
PREMODERN ----> MODERN ----> POSTMODERN ----> player
^ | > nihilist
bioregionalism/new age spirituality
primitive chic

Anderson claims there are four distinct world views:
a) the postmodern-ironist, which sees truth as socially constructed,
b) the scientific-rational, in which truth is "found" through
methodical, disciplined inquiry
c) the social-traditional, in which truth is found in the heritage
of American and Western Civilization, and
d) the neo-romantic, in which truth is found either through attaining
harmony with nature and/or spiritual exploration of the inner self.

Notice in the chart that scientific-rational and social-traditional
are both "modern", ie. level-2. They are both conservative attempts
to pull back from postmodernity (level-3).

Neo-romanticism, expressed in many forms of new age spirituality
and radical environmentalism, longs for a fantasized golden era
before the industrial revolution and the enlightenment.

Thought experiment: what if this chart isn't so much a *map* of
contemporary culture as a *map* of the mind?

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