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Go back and read the footnote... :)

But the humor made me wonder too, is one in ten *always* by definition =
equal to *the top* ten percent? It can be ambiguous, right? When 100 =
people take an exam, and none of them score over ninety, the prof can =
justifiably say "there is no one in the top ten percent", can't he? =
What about when 20 of them score perfect one hundreds?

-iban (who should have been paying more attention to the prof's words =
and less attention to her bod (she had the most gorgeous ass that =
wiggled so wonderful when she wrote on the board) in stats class)

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At 20:29 -0800 11/02/96, you wrote:

>Here's a bold claim from a NLP FAQ:
>"Performing NLP techniques is a skill. Probably only one in ten NLP
>Practitioners are in the top 10% of NLP skill level, and maybe even
>fewer than that footnote . "
>Only 1 in 10 qualifies for the top 10%? Say it isn't so!

And 40% of those call in sick on Mondays and Fridays!