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Hakeeb A. Nandalal (
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 06:56:03 +0000

KMO wrote :-

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> People in level 3 don't have to worry much about discrimination as
> people in level 2 tend to have a hard time even getting a handle on the
> concept of level 3.
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I was actually thinking along the lines that the Level-3s isolate themselves far from the madding Level<3

When Noctem wrote :-

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> After all of this, though, I must admit that whether it is beneficial
> to be a level-3 thinker or not is debatable. Most likely, level-3 thinking
> would result in borderline narcicism, arrogance, and paranoia (a result of
> the required increased defenses of his basic concepts), as well as an
> increased succeptibility to depression if the individual could not
> adequately refute attacks on his basic memes.
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I believe he was discussing the Level-3's warped perception of the world. Obviously everyone colours his
objective/subjective reality with his resident memes but the Level-3's is a special case which I likened to a
Mad Scientists' frame of mind. An approximation to the Level-3 predicament or possibly a subset of it is the
atheist's ability to function in a religious world.

I've stopped telling people I'm an atheist unless there was a specific reason for it - like this forum. After
many years I've noticed that there's no particular benefit to be derived from it, on the contrary, I may have
actually lost work contracts because potential clients would rather deal with like-minded religious folk. Call
it memetic adaptation or whatever, on the individual level, some causes are lost on minds not capable of
appreciating Level>2 memes.

In the final analysis, it's possible that Level-3s make themselves a minority but not out of choice, but, to
paraphrase Lance Henrickson in "Millennium" : "It's their gift, it's their curse".


Subject: Re: virus: RE: A most unscientific poll
Lior Golgher wrote :-

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> And yet I can't grok one major part of your claim - its reasoning. What
> is the logic behind that correlation between height and atheism? Why the
> hell would a short man be more religious than a tall man? Is it because
> he's used to raise his look up? Because the world seems more frightening
> down there? Because the holy supervision lays somewhere 6 foot above the
> ground and tall men can't see it? Or maybe because the blood which is
> pumped from the heart up has a longer way to pass onto tall men's minds,
> and their conscience can't make the whole way up?
> Such claims can be heard on (careful) *certain* religious centers, yet I
> doubt whether they're emphirically proveable.
> So Hakeeb, can you explain the logic behind your theory? Or is it just
> somekind of a memetic drill and I'm about to hide my face in shame...

You didn't say how tall you were.


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