RE: virus: Possibly conflicting ways to map Objective Reality

Richard Brodie (
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 06:54:34 -0800

Tad wrote:

>Thank you for a good example of your reversed-meaning technology.
>Obviously Richard Feynman was not "mapping Objective Reality in
>ways"! He found the truth -- which in my opinion *is* important and in
>opinion *is not*. Richard Feynman was not afraid of people who say
>will never be able to understand 'it' since you are a low level chimp".

I would say Feynman found a useful interpretation of the data, not "the
>It's easy to "manipulate people" if you have this new technology called
>"mapping objective reality in possibly conflicting ways". This is what
>manager was doing.

And what Feynman was doing. But one of them was doing it to further a
life purpose; the other was covering his butt.
>Was this what you meant level-3 people do?

In my experience, Level-3 people are USUALLY more TRULY generous (out of
enlightened self-interest) than others.

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