Re: virus: virus church

David Leeper (
Tue, 28 Aug 1956 01:59:57 +0000


> The reason for this assertion is simply that christianity offers
> the *TRUTH*. You can believe it or not, modify somewhat or
> whatever, but it is the *TRUTH*. It provides certainty to
> those who otherwise would be confused (the less intelligent or
> more trusting). It is comfortable. It is kinda like TV, you
> go to a church, some person (presumably who you admire and/or
> respect) gets up there and tells you what to think. It is not
> a debate.

I think the word your looking for is Dogma, not TRUTH, and Christianity
is pretty damned fractured. I think that's why groups like CoV
are springing up all over: we smell blood.

> Here, we cannot agree on OR, TT, level 3, homo deus, or really
> hardly anything.

That's Homo Deus, not homo deus, and it's not on the list of
things debatable.

David Leeper
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