Re: menes or gemes? (was Re: virus: Martyrdom)

Jason McVean (
Wed, 6 Nov 96 19:01:59 MST

David McFadzean wrote:
> I haven't seen a term for it, but I was searching for one in a recent
> post about language. I believe this could be an important areas of
> inquiry, and an illucidation of the concepts could prove to be a
> very valuable contribution to the field of memetics. In the absence
> of established terminology perhaps we should invent some. An obvious
> possibility is to just combine the words for the two concepts:
> which do you like better mene (menetics) or geme (gemetics)? I have
> a slight preference for the former. Any other suggestions?

Unfortunately, both of those words could easily be mistaken for
a typo, or as I am prone to doing, read incorrectly as meme and


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