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> I was born a Christian, I have been Baptised, and my parents are still Christians.
> I have "tasted" it, if you like, and now I've renounced it, because of
> a logical thought process. It's not a preconception that I base my
> beliefs on - does this mean I'm still prejudiced?

No. Prejudice <- Pre judice {latin?} <- Pre judged <- judged before.
Actually, now that I think about it the word prejudice doesn't carry
any of the negative connotations that I (and I think most people)
associate with it. Not in its definition or derivation anyway. To be
prejudiced against something may simply mean that you've thought
about it before in a rational and balanced manner and have made your
decision. You may then see no reason to reopen the internal debate,
making you literally 'prejudiced' but sensibly so. However, the term
does have a lot of antipathetic baggage so common usage may have made
its meaning other than literal. Any thoughts on this?

> > The hatred part is probably a memetic defense. The meme realises it
> > cannot withstand critical examination because it is built on sand so
> > it provokes anger/hatred, emotive responses which preclude (to an
> > extent) rational thought.
> Something completely off the subject of Religion here: Is it likely to be
> correct that a meme can "realise" something? Surely if a meme is merely a
> conception, or some such, it is the hosts interpretation of the validity of the
> meme that generates the response to criticism!

I was going to add a disclaimer to that mail before I sent it but
decided against it when I realised that it was appropriate to most of
my posts. Maybe I'll add it to my .sig sometime.

Any terminology which refers to memes as if they are conscious,
self-aware entities is merely a language of convenience. It is not
intended literally but as a semantic shorthand.

Please add the above to my posts where appropriate.

> Towards the digging of my own grave...

Fill it in again mate, it's not needed ;)

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