Re: virus: Why religious? Validity of the Bible
Thu, 7 Nov 96 14:12:30 GMT

Martin Traynor wrote:

> On 7 Nov 96 at 9:49, wrote:
> > One problem about this is that the Bible has been translated and re-translated,
> > and modernised, and fuck-knows what else that it's original meaning may
> > well have been lost. I know this sounds like I'm shooting my own arguments in
> > the foot, but it's a fact that cannot be denied.
> Yes indeed. Add to that the fact that it's a loose collection of
> separately produced writings in a number of languages which were
> selected by the church to support its arguments and it loses even
> more value. The very term 'The Bible' is a carefully crafted misnomer
> to give the impression that 'this is THE BOOK' when in fact it wasn't
> even A book.

Not forgetting of course, that the Bible was written a number of centuries after
the incident which is called "the birth of Christ". Evidence suggests that
the Gospels were written sometime in the 4th and 5th centuries (ie, 300-400 CE*)

The term BIBLE, I beleive translates as "collection of stories", or some such.

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Satan here I come :)

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Where do you get all these excellent quotations?

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