virus: Re: menes or gemes?

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 16:19:51 -0800

David Leeper,

>Perhaps a third dimension should be added to this graph: physisics.
>An extreme example of this would be if I were teleported to the
>surface of the sun. My actions would be to burn to a crisp, regardless
>of the desires of my genes and memes. More day-to-day examples
>would include pollution, overcrowding and natural disasters.
>If this is valid, we then have a three dimensional graph:
> 1 1
> G| / P H Y S I C S
> E| /
> N| /
> E| /
> S|/
> -1-----------0-----------1 M E M E S
> /|
> / |
> / |
> / |
> / |
> -1 -1

Great idea! You've jumped from one dimension to three. This way you don't
need the negatives (anti-genes or anti-memes in the world of anti-matter?):

1 1
G| / P H Y S I C S
E| /
N| /
E| /
0-----------1 M E M E S

Physics is maybe just matter or matter and energy, or the way they behave?
Or the laws of physics (and chemistry etc...), or TT maybe?!

>I think this little arrangement also forms a heirarchy. Physics
>creates environments in which genes may thrive. Genes create
>environments in which memes may thrive.

Look at this:
H| 1
| /
S| /
O| /
0-----------1 THE HOLLY SPIRIT

Here is the hierarchy: The Father (Physics) creates environments in which
The Son (genes) may thrive. The Son (or The Child :-)) (genes) create
environments in which The Holly Spirit (memes) may thrive.

Aren't metaphors great?

If we go further, The Holly Spirit (memes) may create environments in which
The Father (physics) may thrive (???). I think I heard some theory that
a new universe can be somehow created and make a Big Bang. Supposedly
this is how our universe has been created. Maybe this is the Big Brother
Meme which can make a Big Bang?

How about this:


^ \
/ \
/ \
/ \
/ _|

M E M E S <-------- G E N E S

PS. I admire your talent on being succinctly precise and sharp. I suggest
you start teaching classes on "Getting Past Scumbags" for Fellow Virions
and prepare people for the transition to Decency-1.

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