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Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 16:59:38 +0000


I was going to keep my mouth shut about this, but it kept spinning
around in my head so I had to post something about it.

It's in regards to a post I read recently that made Richard out to be a
self-styled guru, because he issued an invitation for virions to attend
his workshop for free.

Why make people easy targets? Why take the cheap shot?

Why do people have this sick relationship to workshops? Is it because of
the eighties? Did we get cynical about it because of L Ron Hubbard and
David Koresh?

Why do people think that you go to a workshop to get answers?

I'll stop asking questions now...

Actors and performers of every kind go to workshops all the time-- to
hone their skills, to work on all kinds of things.

I remember saying to a friend of mine-- Dean, the Administrator of
TooBa, that sometimes you wish a everyone could have access to this
great information about-- well-- working on being human.

I guess I'm naive not to think that people are not only uninterested,
but can actually get snarky about the idea. What makes a real group of
people getting together in a real environment so suspect?

I didn't get from Richard's post that he was setting himself up as some

I would have really liked to go to Richard's workshop. It's only a two
hour drive from my place. (Tad you're still living in Vancouver aren't
you? You're just as close.) Unfortunately I got the message this

I find it ironic that out of all the members who are geographically able
to take up the invitation. 33% of them chewed Richard's hand off.

A simple "no thank you" may have been more suitable.

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