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Mon, 11 Nov 1996 15:20:11 +0000

D.Leeper wrote.

...and, accordng to "The Golden Bough", Jesus's
his birthday was orginally Jan 20th! It was
moved to Dec 25th in order to take over the
celebrations of, drum roll please, Lucifer!,
the Sun God.


The december festival was the Saturnus Festival.


The december date is significant in a number of cultures because of it's
relation to the longest night of winter, and the promise of new light
born into the world.

Why would non christian/ non-Jewish cultures be worshipping Lucifer?

Jesus' birthday is unknown, Fraser doesn't have any special info on it.

Astronomer's place the occurance of a super nova in June/July of a year
that might have been around when he was born, but again-- speculation.

(I got the above info from a planetarium show I attended years ago--- So
I don't know how accurate it is.)

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