virus: Re:AIDS MEME

Ken Pantheists (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 14:42:19 +0000

"Smoking is cool."

That's a meme that ultimately destroys its host.

I just transcribed a health magazine interview with one of the PR reps
from DuMaurier (A very big cigarette company in Canada). It was very
interesting to see how she squirmed out of questions like-- don't you
think you are targeting young people in your advertising campaigns?" And
"Doesn't the industry depend on addicting young people since all of the
older people in the market are quitting?"

An example that was cited was the CAMEL campaign with the cartoon camel
and all the sexy babes.

I would post the interview, but instead I'll plug the site it's going

I'm working on a Health show that's distributed by CBC (Canadian
Broadcasting Corp.) to many different countries. It's called "ALIVE!".

The whole site will be up and running Jan.8.

I'll post the interview after that.

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