Re: virus: level 3

David Leeper (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 02:17:22 +0000

Ken Pantheists wrote:

> How do they behave differently? They infect, reproduce and spread.
> That's all that matters, right?

Not if your building a computer.

> As for Level 3- you're still asking the wrong question: there is no
> solid answer. (Maybe you should try some less solid questions?)

Or perhaps there's nothing there but a few short-lived faddish memes.

> That's exactly how memes behave. Democracy fits the above description to
> a T. Even if you still don't want to have anything to do with level
> three, hasn't it been fun to just watch it "behave" on the list?

It's be interesting. All I wanted to do was attach my own memes to the
so-called "Level 3". What happens after that is out of my hands.

David Leeper
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