RE: virus: TT and meaning of life

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 22:17:07 -0800

Richard wrote:
>>>They are all approximations.
>>Approximations of WHAT?
>>TT maybe? You have just killed it, remember?
>Approximations of the zillion-bit stuff out there that cannot be mapped
>with exact precision.

Your Honour, there is no doubt my client is guilty of spreading the L3H
Virus, but I would like to point out that -- deep inside -- he does believe
in truth. Due to his infection, he calls it with a most ridiculous name
"approximations of the zillion-bit stuff out there that cannot be mapped
with exact precision" but he is still able to recognize it!

>>He was "wrong", eh?
>>How do you define "wrong" after murdering TT?
>In my experience, most people don't have a love for truth. I think his
>perception has been colored by spending his life in academia, where
>people with a love for truth congregate. Most people have a love for

My client's limited ability to reason (due to infection) is self evident.
I ask for immediate devirusing (followed possibly by AA)
and I rest my case, Your Honour.

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