RE: virus: Re : Ethics and Meatless Hamburgers

Vicki Rosenzweig (
Wed, 13 Nov 96 10:06:00 PST

No, McD's in India isn't selling meatless hamburgers: they're
selling _beefless_ hamburgers, made from mutton. This satisfies
Hindus and Muslims.

Vicki (too busy to read anything substantive right now)
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Subject: virus: Re : Ethics and Meatless Hamburgers
Date: Wednesday, November 13, 1996 1:33AM

David Leeper wrote:-

> "Fair Religion"? What's that? Sounds like "Meatless Hamburger".
> It's _supposed_ to make the infidels feel a little
> uncomfortable. It's a _religion_ for Christ's sakes.

MacDonald's recently opened up in India featuring (you guessed it) :-
Meatless Hamburgers.

Er... whose sake?

BTW is intolerance mandatory for the definition of a religion?

> > BTW "Homo sapiens sapiens" is written as such - there's no singular
> Opps! Thanks.

You're welcome.


Hakeeb A. Nandalal
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