Re: virus: TT and Absolute Truth

Wade T. Smith (
Wed, 13 Nov 96 14:50:45 -0500

>>What _is_ is at all times what is perceived. As such it is a function both
>>of instruments and sensory/cognitive filters.
>Obviously when I claimed we all agree that there is an objective reality
>I spoke too soon.

Well, no, you didn't. But certainly whenever we speak of this objective
reality, we are explaining our perceptions.

It's all fiction.

>>Towards the elimination of all memes....
>Surely you jest. That would mean eliminating all consciousness. (Notice in
>the previous sentence that 'mean' is shorthand for 'have the effect of'.
>Once again meaning=effect.)

Well, no I don't. I see no need for consciousness. It gets in the way.

And by that I'm working towards the meme as obstruction, as something
between reality and thought, indeed, between reality and perception,
oftimes, and usually useless.

But you are right, I am jesting, albeit with an edge. (I hope....)

Towards the elimination of most memes....