Re: virus: TT and Absolute Truth

David Leeper (
Tue, 28 Aug 1956 04:25:57 +0000

Tad Niwinski,

By analogy (only by analogy) I conclude that
there is some Objective Reality which exists
independent of ALL of us. In other words, if
the Earth blows up and all humans, books, DNA,
and even the internet are torn to tiny pieces
the world (or the universe) will still exist.
Will memes still exist? Will "statements"
still exist?

Information would exist, reproduce and spread.
Is information memes? Is the universe alive?

> (David McF: I don't have your answer on this
> -- have I missed it or you haven't replied?).

His free time is being consumed in a hopeless
attempt to demonstrate that Dawkins is not an
idiot. ;->

David Leeper
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