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Wed, 13 Nov 1996 21:36:12 -0800 (PST)

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> Here is a question that i would like addressed by anyone.
> Myself being a non-believer in the system of christian philosophy, is in love
> with a hardcore fundamental christian girl. The problem: the girl's always
> attending some christian function. I have participated in these rituals and
> even studyed the bible. I often attempt to point out the illogic principals
> that the new testament is based on. But this girl is hardcore into the
> bible, in fact often times she memorizes passages believing that this will
> bring her into a better light with a god.
> I have been reading the mail from the virus church and trying to reconcile
> why it is she is such a believer?
> chris

Gee, I'm sorry.
Love can really suck when you find yourself fixed on someone in some way
vastly unfitted to you.

My freshman year in college I was matched up with a Christian creationist
as a roommate. Considering I'm a, well, virulent rationalist, in general,
you wouldn't think it woulda worked out. But we learned a lot from each
other. By the end of the year she believed in evolution in a lukewarm
sort of way, and I was reading the bible and being less insufferable.

Anyway. I really really don't think you're gonna convert this girl to the
True Way (tm), because trying to force someone to be a free thinker is
oxymoronic. You can expose her to good evidence and good example, but my
bet is you'll just irritate and/or scare her. If she's smart, and just
informationally undernourished, your chances are better, of course, than
if she's hardcore in the face of all evidence. And, then, I have recently
met quite a few former Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, and whatnot in the
Unitarian Universalist church, so it can happen. But most of them are in
their forties and it took them a while. Note also that they did it
themselves, not by having some twitterpated boy hammer it into them (no
offense intended; I've been twitterpated myself, and it's quite pleasant).

Eva (thankful not to have needed to dig her way out of a silly religion)