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Eva wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Nov 1996 wrote:
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> > The Christians took over Christmas, from a Pagan festival Xmas* which is
> > celebrated around the 26th December (I think).
> >
> > Also, and interesting bit of Christmas trivia:
> >
> > Did you know that in England, Christmas is actually illegal! In the
> > 16th or 17th century, the king of the time made Christmas illegal by
> > passing a law on it, and to this day it has not been revoked!
> >
> > * - Xmas, contrary to popular belief, is not a shortening of Christmas, but
> > the X refers to a Pagan rune, wich closely resembles the X.
> Could you footnote your footnote, please? I have never heard this before
> (while I *have* seen X used in various contexts as an abbreviation of
> 'Christ'), and am skeptical of your source. Actually, if you have a
> footnote for the Christmas-is-illegal-in-England bit, too, I'm curious
> about it.
> Eva

My original source for the abbreviation Xmas was such a long time ago that
I don't actually remember where it came from. BUT, the book I am currently
plodding through is entitled "Rites of Passage, The Pagan Wheel of Life",
by Pauline and Dan Campanelli. In this it refers to the Pagan rune X (or
at least, it closely resembles it), and it's use in this context. You
might also want to try "Ancient Ways" by the same couple. Although I havn't
read it myself, it is regularly refered to in the former text, and seems
as though it would be a good reference on such things as runes.

To do what has been reccommended before, I'll give you a brief low-down of
the book I'm reading: Basically, it is a series of rites [of passage] which
a Pagan, and most especially a Wiccan should [if they so wish] perform to
mark various milestones in their lives. It covers everything from
Birth rituals, Coming of Age, Mid-life, Priestess and Priesthood, Last
rites, and other related important parts of a persons natural life. If it
means anything to any of you, a new film out, entitled "The Craft" (for those
of you in America, this probably isn't that new, but over here in England, it
only came out last week), uses a lot of ritual scenes, and if you've read the
above book, a lot of them seem very familiar! Not exact, but bastardisations
of the originals.

As for the Christmas is illegal bit, it's obviously not enforced, 'cos otherwise
everyone in the country (nearly) would get arrested. Even the government would
have to be arrested for making it a Bank-holiday! As far as I'm aware, it
was done by the King of that time, because of something to do with taxation
(you know ow greedy those mediaeval Kings were!) and people not paying them.
I guess it was a kind of punishement for non payment - kind of like prison,
only worse :) I really am hazy on the subject though. It's just something
that I know, rather than something that I know about.

I hope that's some help, Eva, I'll try and find the name of the rune for
you (if I remember!), and post it when I do.

"Do what thou wilt, and it harm none"
-Wiccan motto

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