Re(2): virus: virus church

Lior Golgher (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 20:33:24 -0800

John Schneider wrote:

My suggestion... Buy her two books. One: Voltaire;
the biggest one you can find, something with a collection of lots
of his writing. Two: a book about religion, in general; one that
covers the religions of the world. I was once a christian, and
that's all it took to 'break' me. (Although, I was pretty handy
with logic, too)

She'll probably hate Voltaire, but he wrote good stories with
sound logic, and she wouldn't hate him as much as she would HATE,
say, Nietzsche. The religion book would show her that her parti-
cular religion ain't so special - several other religions claim to
have the same 'Truth'. But - you can't reason with them... get a
book that sings the praises of all these other religions. If you
can get her hooked on logic beforehand, she'll see the inconsist-
encies herself.

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