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Tadeusz Niwinski (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 17:23:46 -0800

Ken Pantheists wrote:
>Now, the reason I mention this is because I think it is very easy to,
>after discovering or proving that the earth is indeed round to say, oh,
>well it is always round, weren't we stupid then? -- and forget that the
>world, as it exists in the mind of mankind (and I honestly believe it
>can't *really* exist anywhere else) as a flat world.

I am really interested in your way of reasoning, Stephen, and I am sure it may
shed some light on TT. Would you do me a favour and correct me if
I misinterpret what you have just said:

You honestly believe that the Earth exists *only* in human minds.

In other words, imagine Mr.X invented a super-meme which causes *all* people
on Earth to commit suicide (I know he is not that powerful yet, and he wouldn't
kill himself as well as a small group of level-3 people from Seattle either
-- but
let's make the scenario simple for the sake of understanding what you have just
said -- all people on Earth are dead).

Will the Earth still exist ("by itself") or not?

There is no right or wrong answer, Stephen.
I am just asking what you honestly believe.

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