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Fri, 15 Nov 1996 14:49:07 +0000

Eva wrote:
Goodness knows other aspects of
Christmas have multiple origins and layers of symbolism, which is, I
believe what we were talking about to begin with.

I think that would make a great discussion thread. Especially at this
time of year.

We can all post what we know from our countries...

In fact. This is just an idea. Why don't we make a Virus Christmas page
and post articles for the public, from the church of Virus. Kind of like
what a church would do for the season... (?) Have a place where people
can drop off a question like (wear did we get the idea to hang stockings
on fireplaces?) and, if we have time, work it into an article.

Christmas is an excellent example of what has been posted in recent
threads as a situation where, "[paraphrased] even if you don't believe
in what the meme represents, you use it anyway, to get the benefits of
the meme".

Here's my piece of christmas trivia.
(Sorry I have no footnotes either... no time, but I can scan some
material and provide it upon request.)

The popular Red and White suit that our Santa wears looks like that
because of the Coca-cola poster campaign that swept north america in
..... (struggling for date).... the 1920's(?) mid twenties....

He was, of course, wearing the company colors.

Should we also do a Hannuka page and a Ramadan page in Feb?

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