virus: Re: pagan festivals

Lior Golgher (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 22:30:56 -0800

Ken Pantheists wrote:
The word Michael is derived from the Hebrew word meaning "who is like
unto god".--quis ut deus-. (bulgate translation)
Who gave you this translation?
It's wrong anyway, sorry.
The name Michael literally means "Who's like (the) God?" in Hebrew - A
rhetorical question used for the praise of God. A similar rhetorical
question relates to the story of Hannuka, it can be discussed in the
future Virus Christmas page in case it turns PC.
Mi = who ; cha = abbreviation of che + ha = like\as + the ; el = God.
That 'who' isn't used as a relative pronoun as suggested in your
translation, but rather as an ordinary question word.
That's a classic case of unintentional distortion caused by recurrent

As for Alchemy Mindworks, it seems like I've propagated commercial ads
under the cover of concrete scientific facts. I sincerely beg your
pardon for it.