RE: [Fwd: Re: virus: Truth Table]

tom.holz (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 23:08:46 -0600

>Look! The definition of Level 3 is not complicated; it's just that it
>doesn't make sense to a Level-2'er. There's a mind mechanism that has
>not yet been developed in the Level-2 mind. It has to do with flexible
>modeling, position shifting, and consciousness of purpose. The Level-2
>mind thinks about this for about 3 seconds, then goes into
>distinguish-and-discard mode, mapping it onto some poor excuse for a
>Level-2 analogy and producing all the contradictory "definitions" of
>Level 3 that have been "bandied about on the list." Cut it out!

Ok... level 3... makes sense to me. Or rather, what you are describing
describes how I think I think fairly accurately. But could you explain why
you find it useful to attatch the "consioussness of purpose" to "flexible
modeling" to get level 3. To me--in my current state of mind--it seems
that you are tying two un-common things together. I can see how they are
both related to a concept of level 3, but not why you would want to put
them together..each seems rich enough for its own discourse.