Re: virus: virus church
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 01:28:54 -0500

I am the one who wrote the question about a girl iam chasing after at my
school. she is a fundamentalist (if that is what you call a person who takes
the new testament verbatim?). I was never raised around any religious
beliefs so it is hard for me to understand what it is that has warped her
thought process. i often attend bible class with her and other christian
functions such as attending a church service, which causes me to miss the
kickoff of the football game, (its terrible what a guy will do when he has
fallen). more to the point of my question, i attend all of these rituals to
become closer to her because she will not do anything else with me it seem
like. i am going on a retreat with my catholic school which she talked me
into going to this weekend. my question is why do christians feel like they
can only socialize with other christians?