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Ken Pantheists (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 10:20:12 +0000

Richard wrote:
The Level-2
mind thinks about this for about 3 seconds, then goes into
distinguish-and-discard mode, mapping it onto some poor excuse for a
Level-2 analogy and producing all the contradictory "definitions" of
Level 3 that have been "bandied about on the list." Cut it out!

This distinguish and discard mode is the first impulse that I have to
work on with students of acting.

BAD acting occurs where the performer distinguishes and discards--
falling back usually on what is comfortable and has worked for him or
her in the past.

GOOD acting occurs when the performer realizes that their character and
the story they need to tell is both completely outside them and
completelely within them at the same time.

The actor is behaving on a genuinely impulsive level, because s/he has
discarded the level two aspect of his or her brain-- the part that
thinks for a bit and then goes back to comparing the moment to what it
knows before actually living it.

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