virus: Please define "level 3"?

Schneider John (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 02:17:17 -0500

Richard recently wrote:

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> Look! The definition of Level 3 is not complicated; it's just that
> it doesn't make sense to a Level-2'er. There's a mind mechanism
> that has not yet been developed in the Level-2 mind. It has to do
> with flexible modeling, position shifting, and consciousness of
> purpose. The Level-2 mind thinks about this for about 3 seconds,
> then goes into distinguish-and-discard mode, mapping it onto some
> poor excuse for a Level-2 analogy and producing all the
> contradictory "definitions" of Level 3 that have been "bandied
> about on the list." Cut it out!
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Could you please repost the 'real definition' of level 3? I have
not been on the list terribly long, and have probably only seen
the contradictory definitions. Anyway, I don't see why any old
mind can't learn flexible modeling, position shifting, and
consciousness of purpose, and consequently I don't see why we
need a level 3 distinction meme.

- JPSchneider