RE: virus: TT and meaning of life

Richard Brodie (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 11:55:10 -0800

Zamboni write:

>Did Evariste Galois, by his definitions, wipe out something [the nice
>quintic formula] that could have existed before he got around to it?
>Or did he merely create appropriate tools for documenting what was
>physically real: the nonexistence of the nice quintic formula?
>The claim (I am responding to) superficially directly answers the
>question as No, and the first question as Yes. Are these answers

I'm struggling to see how the nonexistence of something could be
physically real.

There's nothing mystical about what I'm saying. Galois spread the
no-quintic-formula meme. It appears impossible to create a quintic
formula given the common axioms of number theory. But without a proof,
people's behavior was different because they were trying to find one.
Now they don't.

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