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> Imagine that the Absolute Truth is NOT embedded in OR, but that instead
> there are an infinity of mostly self-consistent truth systems that
> describe OR. Each has advantages and disadvantages given what your
> purpose is.

I find this a very telling message in Mr Brodie's
usually-less-than-revealatory serries regarding Level-3. Allow me to
indulge in a little (half-)cynical mockery:

We have here an example of someone on the brink of Level-4 thinking;
he understands that Truth (with a capital T) regarding some subjects
is relative, but he has yet to apply that to his own belief systems.
He takes a single idea and uses it for every application, just as the
chimpanzee knows no better than to use the monkey wrench to hammer
nails. When he transcends this limitation, he can attain Level-4.

Mr Brodie appears to consistantly confuse the media with the message,
the map with the territory. As a philosophy of thought, however, the
use of Level-3 modeling seems to be, at least, mildly irritating and
at most, dangerous. He co-opts the same meme structures as modern
religions by creating a false `analyze/discard' text which `describes'
Level-3 thinking but which /everyone/ who thinks uses, then publicizes
it, knowing that the majority will recognize that Level-3 represents
some kind of `elite,' and, desiring to be a member of the elite, will
recognize that `hey, you know, /I/ do that! Maybe I should look into
this,' not realizing that /everyone/ is an executor of that way of

I won't claim that there is only one language that communicates, the
rest being only shams, and likewise won't claim that there aren't
multiple logical /frameworks/ which /describe/ reality to varrying
degrees of fitness with the observed facts, but I must, as a person
who barks his shins on the furniture in the dark, accept that the
Objective Reality beneath exists and describes itself in one way
alone, whether or not that matches up with /any/ of the logical-models
that humans, /any/ humans, carry around in their heads.

> Realize that most people have perfectly OK lives without knowing about
> the charge of an electron or even Pi.

But very few get by driving down the street without all of them
consistantly receiving the same impulse from seeing an octagonal
device with some paint that reflects a very narrow range of photonic