Re: virus: May the best meme win?

Chelstad, Erik (
Sat, 23 Nov 96 15:55:00 PST

All this Level-X mind garbage smacks of some sort
of brainiac-feel-good Scientology-like activity.
Maybe one of those closet-genius (big smirk) stroking
organizations like Mensa.

Where's the relevance?

Maybe somebody needs to go to a hockey game and
proclaim their mind is a level above the beer swilling
hairy-backs around them to see how well it goes over
with the "general public."

Classification is one thing, but using a number based "level"
system tries to show a goal oriented evolution.
Anyone care to postulate a goal?
Maybe a flat intellectual landscape based on a long tradition
of linear thought and "clear, logical thinking?"


I eatem up good Dr. Blando.

And on this level, we have a rare species of human,
which behaves much like the species on the first level.
Flexing brains instead of brawn, however, you'll notice the
similarities in their constant comparisons with level-mates.
The mating cry of "I'm smarter, I'm smarter" can often be
heard, and will less often result in a dazzling display of
copulation. No flash photos allowed, however postcards
are available downstairs.