Re: virus: Virus: Sociological Change

Andy Cheyne Service-LL (
Thu, 28 Nov 96 10:36:19 -0000

>>> If a group of people want to create a State, then they vote on it's
set up.
>>> 30% vote for, 70% vote against (simplified, obviously). No problem,
those 70% can fuck
>>> off and make their own State, and the remaining 30% set up the one
that they
>>> want!
>> Why don't the 30% fuck off and the 70% stay? Tyranny of the minority
>> again?
>Whatever, either way, the 30% set up the state they want, and the other
70% set up

Great theory, but you fail the practical. Ever heard of Northern Ireland?
If only communities were capable of acknowledging their differences and
agreeing to divide territory accordingly...

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