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On 27 Nov 96 at 12:02, David McFadzean wrote:

> At 09:14 AM 27/11/96 -0800, Richard Brodie wrote:
> >It was only then that I was willing to abandon the cherished beliefs
> >that seemed so obviously and irrationally true, the beliefs about goals
> >and Truth and propriety that I'd been programmed with my whole life. My
> >book Getting Past OK ( is
> >about what I learned about happiness and fulfillment after my world came
> >crashing down.
> The fact that Richard mentions his books every chance he gets on this
> list is no doubt triggering a vaccime
> ( in most readers, we've
> all grown a bit cynical with respect to the "hard sell". However, having
> just finished "Getting Past OK" this week I can safely say it will quite
> likely be the best 10 bucks and 10 hours (2 to read, 8 to do the exercises)
> you will ever spend. Very highly recommended.
> And just to spite Richard a bit, order it through the CoV bookstore:->

I like this one David. Use a vaccime to do a bit of selling of your
own, brilliant. I'm assured by a friend of mine in advertising that
'hard sell' does not mean ramming the product down peoples throats
(which I had always assumed it meant), it is when you compare your
product favourably to another product (NEW PIECE-OF-SHIT ULTRA. 10%
BETTER THAN THE BEST OF THE REST). I don't remember Richard doing
this (many other things, but not this). Your method may just meet the
criteria though (I'm not sure, it's borderline). Keep up the good
work boys ;). It's a pleasure to see so many engineers gathered in one

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