RE: virus: Virus: Sociological Change
Thu, 28 Nov 96 14:02:40 GMT

Richard Brodie wrote:

> I was one of the rare people who achieved all his goals at an early age.
> By 27, I was a millionaire, engaged to be married, had achieved
> professional respect, had created a world-famous product, had been
> mingling with the elite, and even had been on national television.

What is it that you do !?

> The jewel in your post is the idea of hooking up people's selfish drives
> to achieving their---I wouldn't say "goals," but perhaps "mission" or
> "purpose." It not only CAN be done, but it IS being done. The problem is
> that many of the Level-2 people who are ready to do it are so locked
> into their comfortable belief structures that they need to be shocked or
> tricked into a shift.

That's how I would look at it. I'm trying to say that somehow we (or
somebody) have to persuade the people that if they try for change, then
it'll happen, and if they don't then it won't.

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."