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Alexander Williams (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 19:23:55 -0500 wrote:
> OK, quick redefine of what I mean by "Harmony". I - in this sense, anyhow - take
> it to mean the Social "happiness" of the people. I do not mean the Personal
> Happiness of each person within the state. To acheive that would require genius
> of political theory, and a damn good state. It won't happen. The Harmony I'm
> talking about is that of people not being prejudiced, or not living in fear,
> etc...

Again, I don't think you can seperate human happiness and harmony. If
I'm unhappy, there is no way that there is not another person either
responsible, capable of changing my state, or being scapegoated.

> Now tell me: If you were paid an enormous sum of money (whatever figure you want) to,
> for example, get up at an "usociable hour", and empty cess pits with your bare hands
> (example only, I'm being unnecessarily disgusting ;), that would be a pretty shit -
> pun definately intended - job, agreed?

Punnily so, yes. If it was truly enormously well-paying it might be the
best job in the world. I'll clean out fetid cess pools with my bare
hands for $1mil an hour and smile while I do it.

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