Re: virus: Re: Sociological Change
Mon, 2 Dec 96 09:23:25 GMT

Hakeeb wrote:

> Martin Traynor wrote:-
> > .................................. I'm sure that if they were given a
> > straight choice of 'you can spend x% of your income trying to stop me
> > or you can mind your own damn business' they'd be quite happy to let
> > me smoke what I want in the privacy of my own home.
> Yeah, but what about the guy who smokes it in the privacy of
> the driver's seat of an 18-wheeler semi?
> What do they say about Death and Taxes....

"Don't drink and drive, smoke and fly!"

Seriously, though: I'd like to see people's opinion on this too.
I really am in two minds about the legallisation/decriminalisation of
Cannabis. My initial reaction is that it should be legalised, and therefore
regulated by the state. But secondarily, I don't like regulation by the
state, and as Hakeeb said, it can have bad effects. Mind you, alcohol
is probably worse, and that's legal!

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."