virus: Re: Sociological Change

Hakeeb A. Nandalal (
Mon, 02 Dec 1996 06:23:17 +0000

Drakir wrote :-

> .........
> Seriously, though: I'd like to see people's opinion on this too.
> I really am in two minds about the legallisation/decriminalisation of
> Cannabis. My initial reaction is that it should be legalised, and therefore
> regulated by the state. But secondarily, I don't like regulation by the
> state, and as Hakeeb said, it can have bad effects. Mind you, alcohol
> is probably worse, and that's legal!

The last sentence proves my point.

There's a difference between free speech/thought and drug-use/privacy :
the former is passive while people can be maimed and killed by the latter.
Saying that alcohol is legal is not an argument that helps the drug case -
it hurts it.

Of course the bottom line is always money. There's a federal agency called
the ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. If these things didn't earn billions
of dollars, they'd be made illegal too. But the powers-that-be know how much
shit thay can get away with - adding more drugs to the list might draw fire to
the sure things.

Hakeeb A. Nandalal