RE: virus: Level-3, Logotherapy and Prejudice

Lior Golgher (
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 21:52:26 -0800


I wrote:
>On several posts you said Level-2ers judge new things according to what
>they already know, while Level-3ers judge them better.

You answered:
>Well, I don't think that's EXACTLY what I said. Doesn't everybody judge
>things according to what they already know? How else could you judge

>The Level-3 mind is adept at shifting among inconsistent models of perception (not judgment).

You sounded quite differently 18 days ago -
On Sat, 16 Nov 1996, Richard Brodie wrote:


> This touches, by the way, on one of the most common phenomena I see
> working against the spread of science. I call it distinguish-and-discard
> mode, and I spoke about it for the first time at the Western Washington
> Mensa meeting last Sunday on my birthday.
> Here's how it works.
> The Level-2 mind has one fixed model of reality. Any new input must fit
> into that model (usually called Truth) or be discarded. In
> distinguish-and-discard modem the Level-2 mind "recognizes" broad
> classes of dissonant input -- such as new theories, unpleasant people,
> disturbing political views, and so on -- and lumps them into a class of
> memes "known" to be valueless.
> This shows up constantly when I speak about memetics. The educated
> Level-2'er will listen for a few seconds, then think, "ah, this is
> sociobiology, it's been discredited" or "this smacks of self-help, which
> is pop psychology, no need to pay attention." My challenge is to break
> people out of that mode and let them learn a new paradigm.

What makes you believe Level-3ers don't do the same?
A meaning can change the criterions of distinguishing and\or change the
values of right and wrong upon which to treat input. However it does not
prevent\limit the usage of distinguish-and-discard mode. Breaking out
that mode is called 'getting attention', and it hasn't much to do with
the existence of a meaning. Do you agree?

>>Frankel has never hinted about any similar idea while discussing
>>Logotherapy, so it must some idea of yours.
>>Please explain yourself.

>I think it's an idea of YOURS. Level 3 has little to do with judging
>people. It has to do with control over your unconscious perceptions and

"The one with the black shirt - HE did it!" ;)