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Len Webb (
Thu, 05 Dec 1996 22:46:10 -0500

Hakeeb A. Nandalal wrote:

> I am convinced that "conflict" is an inherent constant in nature.
> Take a handful of the most tolerant, well-meaning people in the
> world and put them in a room. After a while, a fight will break
> out. It does not have to with "intentions", it has to do with
> the need for contrast.
> We can't define "light" without "darkness", "good" without "bad"
> or "peace" without "war". The reason why we seek out violence in
> the movies is the need to get a contrast with our (hopefully)
> non-violent everyday lives. We slow down to see gruesome accidents
> because it is out of the norm. We're fascinated by death because
> we love life.
> This works both ways : in the height of a brutal war we seek peace.
> The underlying principle is our lives revolve around differences.
> A world without differences (race, religion, height, language, sex,
> wealth etc.) is a dead world : it is the equivalent of a lobotomy.

Or you could say the equivalent of 'Forrest Gumping' of America!
I haven't done this too many times and don't want to boost your ego,
however I agree with everything you stated in this posting.

> I am convinced that "conflict" is an inherent constant in nature.

This is why I call my personal philosophy 'CONFLICTISM'.

Len webb

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