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Fri, 6 Dec 1996 10:26:22 -0600 (CST)

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996 wrote:

> > On 26 Nov 96 at 13:55, wrote:


> > > Jean-Jaques Roussea
> > > advocated small states within wich *all* people can participate in the democratic
> > > process (Direct Democracy), and that the act of making law is given to the "Lawgiver"
> > > who is an individual, or a body of individuals, above, outside, and beyond the law and
> > > the State. Hence they have no vested interest, other than the well being of the
> > > people.
> >
> > If they have zero vested why would they bother. If they have any
> > vested interest (even if it's just a paypacket), they are open to
> > corruption so why should we trust them.
> True again, but remember that this is just political theory, it's not necessarily at all
> implementable. I find it good, because there has to bu Unanimity in Rousseau's
> fundamentals when setting up the state. And it cannot fail to happen, either.
> If a group of people want to create a State, then they vote on it's set up.
> 30% vote for, 70% vote against (simplified, obviously). No problem, those 70% can fuck
> off and make their own State, and the remaining 30% set up the one that they
> want!

Of course, it would help if we had some [hyper/hypo]sophisticates who
could handle the idea of more than one state on the same land.


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